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EG WOOD Ordering Process

EG WOOD provides ready to ship products directly from our online store. We can also provide custom made pieces designed specially for you. Take a look at the online store for the products availble. If you prefer to have a custom made piece, please follow the steps below:

1. Let us know what you need.

EG WOODYou can browse the Challenge and Solution section of this website or our Photo Gallery for a selection of pieces we've made. These pieces can be a starting point for your project. We can alter the measurements, materials and configuration of these pieces to best suit your needs. We are constantly adding new images to the Gallery.

You can also send us a photo of a piece you've seen somewhere. Please send the images to, along with your name and phone number. You can also contact us by phone to setup an appointment.

2. Drawings and Project Design Request

If your piece is a simple project (a table or a mirror frame, for example) that doesn't require drawings, skip to step 4.

EG WOOD DrawingsIf your project requires drawings with construction details and technical measurements, EG WOOD will request a payment to proceed to step 3. The amount (determined according to the complexity of the drawings) will be deducted from the final payment of your piece.

Should you chose not to place the order for your piece at this point, you can keep the drawings. Your fee can be deducted in the future, from your final payment when you decide to have the project built.

3. Project Design and Drawings Approval

Upon receipt of the drawings fee EG WOOD will produce the drawings and submit them for your approval. You should review them carefully and discuss with us any necessary changes. The drawings will also specify the types of materials to be used.

4. Quote

Based on the drawings you've approved, we will be able to provide a definite quote for your project. This will include detailed information regarding what is to be ordered: quantity, size, materials and finish. There will also be pricing for shipping and applicable sales tax (only for pieces delvered to Pennsylvania). We will request a 50% deposit when you place the order.

5. Manufacturing Schedule

Upon receipt of the downpayment we will give you a projected delivery date. The lead time will vary according to the project and its complexity. In general we complete construction of a medium size project in 10 to 14 weeks.

kitchen cabinets

6. Delivery and Installation Scheduling

We will schedule the delivery and, when necessary, installation of your piece.

7. Final Payment

Once the piece has been finished we will email a photo of the pieces and request the final payment (deducting any piad drawing fees).

8. Delivery and Installation

Upon receipt of the final payment your order will be shipped and installation (when needed) will be performed on the previously scheduled date.

Whether we are working on your kitchen, bathroom, office or home theater cabinets, EG WOOD makes it our mission to ensure your project runs smoothly and meets your every expectation.